Data Security & Theft Prevention

Securing the Enterprise- From the Edge to the Core

Data is at the heart of every business, but is your company’s data secure? The implications of data loss can be significant: from lost business to damage to your reputation.

You must understand what is really at risk and then protect it. Below are key principles that you must remember when it comes to protecting your data:

  • Privacy : You can enforce data privacy by using encryption or by combining data fragmentation with encryption.
  • Integrity : Data integrity is a term used to refer to the accuracy and reliability of data. To be considered reliable and accurate, data must be complete – with no variations or compromises from the original.
  • Accessibility : There are different ways to protect data accessibility and prevent data loss; one method being replication. Replication provides instant data recovery in the event of a disaster. It saves IT administrators’ time, preserves network bandwidth and dramatically reduces the frequency of backup activities.
  • Responsibility : Employees, whether intentionally or not, may release confidential information to persons outside the organization. Therefore, protecting the company’s data is everyone’s responsibility. It is important to educate employees about what is considered confidential information, whether that information can or cannot be transmitted by email and how, such as by instituting policies to review the content of outgoing email and attachments and/or using encryption to transmit the data.

Few things can damage your company’s reputation in the eyes of your customers, employees, partners, shareholders, and regulators more than a data breach. Being prepared for a data breach can enhance your ability to retain customers, and manage your costs. Should a breach occur, you need an expert on your side that can act quickly to alleviate customer fears with comprehensive identity theft protection solutions. DigiNetCare has helped companies react to the loss of sensitive data for millions of individuals, and we can help you, too

What We Do ?

DigiNetCare offers basic data loss prevention solutions like email and backup solutions for application files, documents and database information. We provide tape driven solutions for small and medium scale businesses, to help them adopt a cost effective means for short-term local backup and long-term offsite data backup. In addition, we provide disk driven solutions for critical information and take care of situations that need instant backup facilities with remote backup options. For the highest level of protection and security from data loss, We can equip your company to store information wirelessly across the world without any hassles of privacy encroachment and data loss. We help you develop an integrated privacy, security and information risk management framework within your organization.


  • Professional IT consultation
  • Solution customization to cather to different needs
  • Costs estimation and budget projections
  • Detailed deployment strategy and implementation plans
  • Setup and configuration of monitoring system
  • Testing and commissioning

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